Hleðslutæki fyrir DOG XL

1,800 kr.

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Hleðslutæki fyrir DOG XL

Vörunúmer SKU TRACA3 Flokkar , ,


Hleðslutæki með USB enda, hleðslutækið er með segli og smellist tækið við segulinn þegar tækið er sett í hleðslu.

Firmly clip the charger onto the back of the tracker with the magnetic, gold charging points. The tracker will be automatically turned on when you charge it. Connect the charger to a power source (charging time is about 5 hours). Pull slightly to disconnect the tracker from the charging cable when charging is complete.


  • What’s Included: 1 DOG XL USB charging cable
  • Easily Charge: Charger easily attaches and detaches from tracker.
  • Quickly Charge: Get up to 4 weeks of battery life on one 5-hour charge.
  • Compatibility: Only works with Tractive GPS DOG XL